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Hali creates an environment of safety and security for small craft and the organisations responsible for them. Protection and accountability are no longer luxuries. Hali combines terrestrial AIS, satellite AIS, and satellite M2M technology all into one affordable and reliable solution.


Created for small craft fleet owners and operators, maritime authorities, and enforcement agencies, Hali delivers vessel locations through coastal and satellite AIS transmissions, which are augmented with ORBCOMM satellite M2M messaging, ensuring complete vessel visibility to maximise maritime safety, security, and environmental compliance.

How it works

Our powerful and tamper-proof hardware is attached to vessels of all sizes, tracking their position at all times, in all locations.

From these devices, as well as many others on our network, we collect acknowledged AIS and M2M satellite data, anywhere in the world.

The data is delivered on an easy to use, secure, web-based platform, with 24/7/365 support in 12 languages.

Class-B AIS is transmitted through the M2M satellite network for global broadcast on the ORBCOMM network

Class-B AIS is broadcast to nearby coastal base stations for traffic safety

Class-B AIS is broadcast to nearby vessels for collision avoidance

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Use Cases

  • Improve your search and rescue operations with a system that brings SOLAS safety to non-SOLAS vessels.

  • Augment visibility of friendly vessels to reduce the
    number of non-cooperative targets in support of maritime domain awareness.

  • Hali includes Distress Alert functionality & can send a distress message instantly. Ensure that in an emergency situation you have accurate and up-to-date positional data.

  • Surveillance of marine protected areas.


Safety & Enforcement Agencies

  • Enable compliance with AIS reporting requirements.

  • Geofencing facilitates regulatory compliance within exclusion zones, as well as customisable zones.

  • Mitigate risk and loss with increased safety and Distress
    Alert capabilities.


Fisheries Protection Agencies

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The Platform

  • Hali is built on Pole Star's enterprise-grade vessel tracking platform, which combines the three data sources (terrestrial AIS, satellite AIS, satellite M2M) to ensure unparalleled coverage.

  • The platform is a secure web-enabled service, which allows you to establish detailed user permissions.

  • It can filter user-defined fleets, sub-fleets and ports, and create custom zones.

  • Learn more about Pole Star’s ship tracking capabilities.

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Technical Specifications (English)

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Full Hali Brochure (English)

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Hali is created by three industry leaders


Hali is the only solution on the market that delivers secure, consistent, reliable vessel location data, providing the actionable intelligence required to ensure safety, security, and compliance.

How it works

Powerful and tamper-proof hardware for vessels of all sizes

Acknowledged AIS and M2M satellite data, anywhere in the world

Secure web-based platform, with 24/7 support in 12 languages

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deliver ais data
local ais
global ais
reliable ais satellite

Vessel data is delivered through ORBCOMM's entire two-way

global satellite network

Class-B AIS & proprietary position data is transmitted to ORBCOMM’s global satellite network

Class-B AIS is broadcast to
nearby vessels and coastal
AIS stations




1. Attach

3. Deliver

2. Collect

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